Lakdi Ghana Safflower Oil (1000ml)


Health Benefits

  • Building strong immune system
  • Reducing cholesterol
  • Aids in smooth functioning of heart
  • Maintains blood sugar level
  • Helps in reducing stretch marks on skin

At the point when you overheat cooking oil, it wrecks helpful mixes and creates unsafe free radicals which form harmful molecules in our body.
In case you’re searching for cooking oil that is appropriate for high temperature, safflower oil might be the correct decision for you. It has a higher smoke point than different other options. It likewise has an unbiased flavour, making it a perfect decision for some cuisines.
Two varieties of safflower oil are available: high-linoleic and high-oleic. High-linoleic used in cold food (Mostly raw or salad dressings) is wealthy in polyunsaturated fats, while high-oleic contains monounsaturated fats, used for high temperature cooking.
Arkshuddha Safflower Oil is extracted when natural seeds are squashed under a wooden press process. Utilizing this customary process enables our oil to hold it’s a unique flavour and regular goodness.

Why Us?

  • We offer you complete transparency through an option to visit our oil extraction unit (Ghana) and verify our process.
  • As Consumer’s health is our only motto, we don’t compromise on the quality of raw material & packaging material. We believe the best quality product needs to be stored in glass so that the healthy nutrients reach out consumers as it is.
  • We take all precautionary measures to maintain high hygiene standards.
  • 100% Chemical free
  • Use of babul wood for churning
  • No adulteration in oil at any stage

The above benefits are completely bypassed in manufacturing unhealthy oil due to the use of chemicals additives and hot temperatures. On the other hand, shengdana tel produced in arkashuddha has a good impact on health. So, what are you waiting for? Buy arkashuddha lakdi Ghana oil at a store nearby .



Customer Reviews

Snehal Gujare 10/05/2021

I read a lot of good reviews about arkshuddha and also saw their previous live session. Ordered their coconut oil to try first. Delivery was smooth. As I opened the bottle, the fresh fragrance of the coconut oil was so persistent. I made a hair oil by infusing few natural ingredients in it by heating the coconut oil. The fragrance was lingering in my kitchen not only during heating the oil but also existed almost till 3 hours after switching off the flame. So is its purity. Application on the hair is smooth and also enhances sound sleep. I also tried it in cooking bhajias.. n it tasted awesome after frying the same. Didn't appear oily nor had the smell while eating it.
Thanks, #arkashudda oils n team for providing such wonderful healthy products to us.

Monika Jain 27/03/2021

I ordered arkashudhha lakdighani groundnut oil and almond oil awesome quality..smooth delivery. Easy payment mode.

Manasi Karandikar 12/03/2021

With lots of ifs' and buts' finally we chose the Arkshuddha Lakadi Ghana for our daily oil requirements.
Though I don't have any written proof of change in our cholesterol levels or triglycerides, but I am very happy to receive this smooth and healthy oil which made my food more delicious.

The coconut oil and the almond oil are amazing as I am using them for my hair and skin care.

I liked the Packaging as it comes in a glass bottle.

I purchased,
Groudnut oil 1lit (शेंगदाणा तेल )
Safflower oil 1lit(करडई तेल )
Himlayan Rock salt(सैंधव मीठ)
Coconut oil 200ml
Almond oil 200 ml
Sesame oil 200 ml

I would like to rate Arkshuddha Lakadi Ghana 💚💚💚💚💚

Communication 💯% excellent
Packaging 💯% best
Cost 💯% economical
Quality 💯% good

Thanks for availing the best quality oil. Will proceed with my next order soon 🤗

Paramita Varma 01/19/2021

Product quality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Delivery time ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Response ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is my first purchase from Arkshuddha. Ordered groundnut oil and almond oil from them. Awesome quality of the oils, her prompt reply and quick delivery of the order was the best part of the transaction.
Both the oils are very good in quality, they are thick and dense. Groundnut oil is very aromatic and adds authentic traditional taste to the foods I cooked.
Almond oil I have mostly used for baby massage and facial massage. It’s equally good, pure and effective.
Thanks, Arkshuddha for the products and nice shopping experience. keep up the good work!
Best wishes to Arkashuddha !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tina Makhani Gholap 11/12/2020

We have switched to cold press oils for health reasons & Rock salt is for my baths!
Initially, I had a feeling that the oil will change the taste of the food, however, it was lovely to note that we couldn’t even tell the oil was different!
Both products are fantastic and as they claim are free from any chemicals which make it a clean use!

Oil priced at 350 for 1 litre and salt at Rs 55 for 500 gm.

Thanks, team Arkshuddha! I repeat customer

Shruti kothari 26/11/2020

Oils are awesome. The coconut oil I m using for oiling hair and my hair fall reduced by constant use.
Safflower oil is also good.
Soon I will order more oils for cooking and almond oil also.

Bharti 21/09/2020

I was in dual mind before using as it is a little expensive, but I am so sure about its purity now.
My doctor told me that my cholesterol level is on the border and I was worried because i am currently doing work out since long,
not eating oily stuff & diet was also balanced but still cholesterol? why????
It was during this time Sneha introduced me to arkshuddha groundnut oil. I changed from refined oil arkshuddha oil rest keeping the routine same and after 1 month my reports came out normal. Because our body needs oil we cant to avoid it and I will suggest to my
friends to use arkshuddha lakdi ghana oil stop use refined oil.

Dhanashree Shinde

I have been using the oils and salt by Arkshuddha for some days now , and I can surely tell the difference from the regular supermarket brands . Absolutely pure , and high on nutritional value , Arkshuddha is definitely the healthy way of life !

Kavitha Andrade

Skin and hair care formulator
I used the coconut & safflower oil. Both were awesome. I usually get my Coconut oil (cold pressed) from Goa & Mangalore. Due to lockdown my stock didn't reach me. The Coconut oil was very close to the home made oil.
Thank you!

Sachi Sabarawal

Absolutely loved the arkshuddha cold-pressed oils especially the coconut oil. It is so flavoursome that all meals prepared using this oil turn out to be delicious, and also coconut oil is highly recommended in Ayurveda for routines external use like oil pulling & body massage. This coconut oil has such a beautiful aroma and it feels so nice & warm post these rituals with coconut oil. Well done Arkshuddha & I absolutely loved the eco-friendly packaging